onsdag 4 januari 2017

Filmutmaning 2017

Lite som kaosutmaningen kan man se dessa filmer utifrån denna lista.

In 2017 you should watch...

1. a foreign language film.
2. an animated film.
3. a film in the IMDb Top 250.
4. a film in the IMDb Bottom 100.
5. an indie film.
6. a black and white film.
7. a film released before 1960.
8. a silent film.
9. a film that topped the weekly box office within 2016.
10. a film mainly shot with a handheld camera. 
11. a Studio Ghibli film.
12. a DC film.
13. a Marvel film.
14. a film whose main genre is Horror.
15. a film whose main genre is Comedy.
16. a film whose main genre is Action.
17. a film whose main genre is Science Fiction.
18. a film whose main genre is Fantasy.
19. a film whose main genre is Romance.
20. a film whose main genre is Western.
21. a biographic film.
22. a post-apocalyptic/apocalyptic/dystopian film.
23. a film that was included in the Movies/Films contest.
24. a film picked by the neo film club.
25. a film that has won the Academy Award for Best Picture.
26. a film that won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.
27. a film that won an Academy Award for Best Original Score
28. a film included in the National Society of Film Critics' 100 Essential Films list.
29. the debut film of an actor/actress that has won an oscar.
30. the debut film of a director that has won an oscar.
31. a martial arts film.
32. a Disney or Pixar film.
33. a flim that is a novel or play adaptation.
34. a musical film.
35. a short film.
36. a film more than 160 minutes long.
37. a film that has been adapted to or from a TV series.
38. a (neo) noir film.
39. a film in which the main character dies.
40. a film in which aliens (or other terrestrial species) tries to eliminate mankind.
41. a film that doesn't take place on Earth or takes place in an alternate world.
42. a film that won any type of Academy Award for 2016.
43. a box office flop (made less money that it cost).
44. a box office wonder (made at least 3 times as much as it cost).
45. a film with a budget lower than 1 million.
46. a film that is part of a franchise with more than 5 sequels/remakes/reboots.
47. a Jean-Luc Godard/Federico Fellini/Ingmar Bergman/Akira Kurosawa film.
48. a Quentin Tarantino/Clint Eastwood/Steven Spielberg/Martin Scorsese film.
49. a Meryl Streep/Susan Sarandon/Julianne Moore/Jodie Foster/Helen Mirren film.
50. a Tom Hanks/Al Pacino/Robert Deniro/Daniel Day-Lewis/Jack Nicholson film.
51. a film released in 2017.
52. a film in the theatres.

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